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Diploma in Automobile Engineering


Semester I
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Subject Title Code
English 17101
Basic Science (Physics) 17102
Basic Science (Chemistry) 17103
Basic Mathematics 17104
Engineering Graphics 17001
Computer Fundamentals 17002
Basic Workshop Practice (Mechanical Group) 17006

Semester II
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Subject Title Code
Communication Skills 17201
Applied Science (Physics) 17202
Applied Science (Chemistry) 17203
Engineering Mechanics 17204
Engineering Drawing 17205
Engineering Mathematics 17216
Development of Life Skills 17010
Workshop Practice 17011

Semester III
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Subject Title Code
Applied Mathematics 17301
Mechanical Engineering Drawing 17302
Strength of Materials 17304
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 17306
Vehicle Layout and Transmission System 17307
Computer Aided Drafting 17016
Professional Practices - I 17017

Semester IV
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Subject Title Code
Environmental Studies  
Automobile Engines  
Automobile Systems and Body Engineering  
Automobile Manufacturing Processes  
Theory of Machines  
Heat Power Engineering  
Professional Practices - IV  

Semester V
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Subject Title Code
Behavioral Science  
Design of Automobile Components  
Advanced Automobile Engines  
Hydraulics and Pneumatics  
Basic Electrical and Electronics  
Two wheeler Technology  
Solid Modeling  
Professional Practices V  

Semester VI
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Subject Title Code
Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems  
Transport Management  
Vehicle Systems Maintenance  
Renewable Energy Sources and Management  
Auto. Air Conditioning  
Entrepreneurship Development  

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