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Group and Subgroup of Courses for Admissions

Group No. Qualifying Examination /
Eligible for admission to Diploma Programme
A HSC Science
  H.S.C. (PCM)
  1. Civil Engg. Group
  2. Electrical Engg. Group
  3. Electronics and Tele-communication Group
  4. Mechanical Engg. Group
  5. Computer Engg. Group
  6. Textile Manufactures Group
  7. Printing Technology Group
  8. Chemical Engg. Group
  9. Instrumentation
  10. Agriculture Engg.
H.S.C. (PCM + Biology)
Biology will be additional subject
  1. Medical Laboratory Technology Group
  2. Food Technology
B HSC Science or Technical subjects (Bifocal)
  Electrical Maintenance (A-1)
Mechanical Maintenance (A-2)
Scooter and Motor Cycle Servicing (A-3) with PCM
General Civil Engg. (A-4)
Chemical Plant Operation (C-3)
Electronics (C-2)
Computer Science (D-9)
  1. Civil Engg. Group
  2. Mechanical Engg. Group
  3. Computer Engg. Group
  4. Electrical Engg. Group
  5. Electronics Engg. Group
  6. Instrumentation Engg. Group
  7. Chemical Engg. Group
  8. Textile Engg. Group
  9. Medical Laboratory Technology
  10. Food Technology Group
  11. Printing Technology
  12. Agricultural Engg.
General Civil Engg. (A-4)
  1. Architecture Assistantship (AA)
C Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS) Course (ITI)
  1. Machinist Grinder
  2. D'man Mech.
  3. Fitter
  4. Turner
  5. Machinist
  6. Tool and Die Maker (J&F)
  7. Tool and Die Maker (M&D)
  8. Mech. Machine Tool Maint / Mechanic Millwright Maint
  9. Mechanic Ref. and Air conditioning
  10. Operator Adv. Machine Tool
  11. Marine Fitter
  12. Lift Mechanic
  13. Mechanic Mechatronics
  14. Mechanic Motor Vehicle
  1. Mechanical Engineering (Regular and Sandwich Pattern)
  2. Production Engineering and Technology
  3. Fabrication Technology
  4. Automobile Engineering
  1. Mech. Computer Hardware
  2. Info. Tech. and Electronic System Maintenance
  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Computer Technology
  3. Information Technology
  1. Electronic Mech.
  2. Mechanic Consumer Electronics
  3. Mechanic cum Operator Electronics Communication System
  4. Mechanic Radio and TV
  5. Info. Tech. and Electronics System Maintenance
  6. Mechanic Industrial Electronics
  7. Instrument Mechanic
  8. Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)
  1. Electronic
  2. Electronic and Telecommunication Engg.
  3. Electronic and Video Engineering
  4. Electronic Engineering
  5. Industrial Electronics
  6. Electronics Engineering (Industry Integrated)
  7. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  8. Digital Electronics
  9. Instrumentation
  10. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Industry Integrated)
  11. Instrumentation and Control
  12. Instrumentation
  1. Mech. Medical Electronics
  1. Medical Electronics
C C. O. E. Course / Basic Sector (Duration 1 year)
  1. Information Technology
  2. Electronics
  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Computer Technology
  3. Information Technology
  1. Fabrication (F & W)
  2. Production and Manufacturing
  3. Automobile
  4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  5. Chemical
  6. Plastic Processing
  7. Industrial Automation
  1. Fabrication Technology and Erection Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Production Technology / Engineering
  4. Automobile Engineering
  1. Electronics
  2. Electrical
  3. Information Technology
  4. Industrial Automation
  1. Electronics and Tele Comm. Engineering
  2. Electronics Engineering
  3. Electronics
  4. Industrial Electronics
  5. Electronics and Comm. Engineering
  6. Electronics and Comm. Engg. (Industry Integrated)
  7. Electronics and Engineering (Industry Integrated)
  8. Digital Electronics
  9. Industrial Electronics (Sand witch pattern)
  10. Electronics and Video Engg.
  11. Medical Electronics
  1. Electrical
  2. Industrial Automation
  3. Electronics
  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Electrical Power System
D MCVC Course
  Mechanical Technology (K4/K5/K6)
Auto Engineering Technician (K1/K2/K3)
Mechanical Engineering (Regular and Sandwich
Production Engineering and Technology
Fabrication Technology
Automobile Engineering
Computer Techniques (X1/X2/X3)
Multimedia Internet Technology
  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Computer Technology
  3. Information Technology
Electronics Technology (J1/J2/J3)
  1. Electronic, Electronic and Telecommunication Engg., Electronic and Video Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Electronics, Electronics Engineering (Industry Integrated), Electronics and Communication Engineering, Digital Electronics, Instrumentation, Electronics and Communication Engineering (Industry Integrated)
  2. Instrumentation and Control, Instrumentation Medical Electronics
Note for all Groups:- The Student admitted to direct 2nd year will have to appear in the examination of backlog subjects of 1st year. Such Backlog Subjects of first year will be notified by MSBTE, Mumbai.

Note:- Candidates with HSC vocational (MCVC) or 10+2 ITI / ITI COE should have passed SSC (10th Std.) or equivalent examination with subjects English, Mathematics (Code 71) and Science (Code 72) Eligibility of the student for the specific branches of Diploma programme shall be as per MSBTE guidelines prescribed in rule. For more information regarding the rules log on to
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