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Spectrum 2015-Inter College Technical Paper Presentation - 10th February, 2015

Spectrum 2015 - Inter College Technical Paper Presentation
Group / Branch First Price: Second Price: Third Price:
Mechanical Engineering Group Title Energy Generation through Railways Solar Refrigeration All Terren Vehicle
Participants and College 1. Dasari Bhagvan: Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Poly. 1. Vibhav Pradhan 1. Jasmit Singh Bassan
2. Akash Shinde: Pillai Polytechnic 2. Nayan Deshmukh: Pillai Polytechnic
Automobile Engineering Group Title Hybrid Vehicle Magnets Redefined Wall Climbing Robot
Participants and College 1. Prithvi Vora 1. Jeffy Jacob 1. Pratik Patil
2. Aamir Siddiki: Muchchala Polytechnic 2. Farhaan Ansari: Pillai Polytechnic 2. Viraj Chavan: Pillai Polytechnic

Name Designation College
Prof. S. D. Deshmukh Senior Lecturer B. L. Patil Polytechnic
Prof. Mohini Barhate HOD Automobile Muchchala Polytechnic
Prof. Vivek Meshram Senior Lecturer Pillai Polytechnic
Prof. Sojan V. V. Senior Lecturer Pillai Polytechnic
Prof. Devendra Mishra Senior Lecturer Pillai Polytechnic
Prof. Anand S. R. Lecturer Pillai Polytechnic

Convener Prof. Pravin Dahalke
Co-convener Prof. Anand S. R.
HOD Mechanical Prof. Manoj Jadhav
HOD Automobile Prof. Atul Jade

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